About Glory

One Is Always in Need of a Classy Leather Jacket: A Statement Piece That Completes A Wardrobe

Glory Store Takes Tried & True Styles & Updates Them with Artful, Contemporary Tweaks.

For around two decades, The Glory Leathers has crafted some of the finest Leather.

Initially started as leather manufacturing and processing, but now this business has established itself in many ventures in last two decades: Its sister company  Glory Enterprises is on the verge of success now.

Glory has crafted some of the finest leather for world renowned brands. Now it is the time to put two decades of experience and authority in leather and make a platform in which Glory aspires to share it’s collective passion for leather products with you.

Shortly after Glory Store Launch, this business has transformed into something elegant & sleek.

Now !! Glory Store Is A Fashion-Editor Favorite: – .& Perfect for Those Who Are After Something A Little Bit Different.

Production Process

Leather products manufacturing process in Glory starts from Lather tannery, where the animal hides and skin are processed to produce leather and from leather to belts, bags, leather jackets, and beyond. Every single product is manufactured with the same care and precision.

Quality At A Reasonable Price

Glory Store Provides Quality at a reasonable price. The brand realizes that either the luxurious and high-quality jackets are unreasonably overpriced, or they are fast fashioned that would not last long. Unreasonably high prices were due to long supply chains and expensive marketing campaigns. In short, only a small portion of the prices the consumers had to pay actually was for the product.


To solve this problem and provide better options to the consumers, Glory Store implemented Just in time (JIT) Production Method, eliminated unnecessary expenses, and started designing, manufacturing, and selling directly to its customers.

Glory Store Stands for Cutting Down the Prices Without Compromising the Quality. Its Mission Is to Make High-Quality Leather Jackets That Are Easily Accessible to All at Reasonable Prices.

100% Customer Customization

More or less, at times, leather jackets are too standardized. But Glory Store offers 100% customer customization where they can build their own state pieces from scratch.

Complete customization is to enable customers to embrace diversity, express themselves, and stand out from the crowd while doing so.

The Brand Knows How Good It Feels to Rock A Leather Jacket and Wants Everyone to Be Able to Feel the Same.

-Saqib, CEO

Glory Store